Sound healing

Sound healing Session

In a Soundhealing Session you are lying on a mattress while I sing for you. I invite you into a safe space

where you can relax and find you. 


When you're ready for the journey you give me a sign.

Than I let myself sink into your energy field and start singing.


I connect with your body,

your heart and your spirit

to become the information which

you need during a session. 

I let myself be guided by my intuition.


We fall into meditation, following the flow of sounds.

You might see colors, inner picturesfeelings rise up.


You observe yourself, you are visiting deeper and deeper levels and get important messages and responses from within you.

On this impressing journey we are touching long buried areas of the psyche, areas of hurt and pain.


With the healing power of intuitive singing you are able to bring these areas into the light of clarity and love, often releasing yourself of traumas from the past. 


Sometime I sing to special parts of your body.

I sing for your tense neck, for your sick pancreas or

your sad heart. Your body, your soul wishes to be heard. 


My singing creates a space where you can find the strength to hear and answer yourself, accept yourself,

to dissolve boundaries and create space for the new.

It is a real adventure!


Endorphins are released which bring you

into states of profound peace, enhanced awareness and blissful calm. Enjoy!


If needed I use instruments like drum, calimba,

singing bowls, xylophone, flute, bells,

various rhythm instruments or natural materials. 

I sing for you in the heart language,

sing in the languages of the natives, the animals,

plants and the universe.


A sound healing session is a unique and individual present for your personal transformation. 


Enjoy the wonderful trip into nowhere.

Now and here is you, a wonderful present,

the center of being.


My aim is that you reconnect with yourself, to find realization, inspiration and enlightenment.  

My work is dedicated to a happy Creator. :-)


Sound healing workshops

freeing your voice naturally

"Because the sound of the voice is directly linked through the breath to the activities of the mind, through working with the voices we can learn to enter the state the Tibetans know as ‘rigpa,’ the awareness which combines emptiness with clarity. This leads ultimately to illumination." Jill Purse

sound healing concerts


You can book me for your private Sound Healing Concert.


For example on birthdays, weddings, burials, on Christmas or whenever you want to hear a healing voice

to help the audience to relax, dream, touch the heart and to remember your power, your peace, love,

abundance and true nature.


A sound healing concert is a intuitive dance between the audience and me. Each sound healing concert is unique,

because I tune in with the energy field of the people and I will replay with my sounds to the needs of the group.



Because it has an effect like a healing meditation you find your inner center.

That can mean that you feel easy, relaxed, happy.

Disputes and anger among the audience can calm down.

Who is sad, finds solace and relief. Fears and stresses can calm down.

Body, mind and soul come into harmony and the self-healing powers are activated.