Nature therapy, Naturtherapie, Kinder spielen in Natur, Ruhe, Entspannung, Leichtigkeit

Nature Therapy is the move

to your own inner nature

in interaction with the external nature.


The external nature and your environment

are mirrors of your inner nature.

Outside is inside. Inside is outside.


It's about reconnecting with your roots,

your primal forces, your wildness, spontaneity,

your soft and tender sounds and all other levels

of being, which also occur in nature.

The elements of fire, earth, water, air and

the subtle ethereal realms are your powers. 



 In becoming one with the external nature

harmonization, remembrance and reconciliation

with your inner nature, your whole being takes place.



Just as Mother Earth is a wonderful conscious being, a healer and lover, you are her child and individual expression of this infinitely beautiful, complex, diverse, self-healing and transformational nature.




The brave dandelion growing out of the asphalt highway, may also be the place of your healing,

like the unspoiled and wild countryside. Therefore, we find out in a session at which place it pulls you.

Where is the mirror allowing you the best possible introspection and self-knowledge?

It may also be helpful for you to get in contact with natural materials in a safe treatment room

and to use them as your playing pieces to the expansion of consciousness.



"Whether you want to find silence and security, inner peace, clarity and courage for your next steps,

nature in all its vitality and creativity is wonderfully suited to lead you to what you are looking for. "



Pilz und Moos, die sich in einem Tautropfen spiegeln

The medicine of the earth, we learn by:

  • rituals for healing and cleansing
  • meditation
  • communication with nature
  • training of perception with all our senses
  • initiation rituals and rites of passage
  • self-chosen adventures to dare something new
  • creative self-expression through writing, painting, making art from natural materials
  • nature and wilderness educational games



 Nature Therapy is suitable for children and adults

with the following symptoms:


attention deficit disorder


depression ( sense of futility and inner emptiness)

stress (by over- and underload)



sadness (after death, separation, loss, etc.)

self-alienation / world-alienation

lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

self-hatred and self-destruction

discord (can not forgive)

High sensitivity 

psychosomatic pain

(like headache, abdominal pain, back pain ...)

longing for authentic self-expression

longing for inner home

arriving in life






Even if you just have the wish to take your time for yourself

and to introspect in peace and awareness

with loving, mindful and sensitive accompaniment

I am happy to assist you.


I offer Nature Therapy

for individuals of all ages

and for small groups.




Nature Therapy can be part of Tines Healing Game and Coaching.

As well Individuals and groups can book

Nature Therapy as an independent offer.