Systemic Constellations

Family constellations, systemic constellation work
Family constellations , photo from wikipedia

constellation work for groups

for individual and collective topics,

we find holistic solutions in a group setting


individual work

In a private session, you transform your personal concern with me in a protected space.


sessions by phone or skype

For those who live far away individual constellation work is also possible by Skype or telephone.


in the group


I offer one-day and two-day seminars for systemic constellations.

Here you can have your own

concern set up or take part as

a representative.

Newcomers who would like to get

to know the constellation work can participate as an observer in a seminar.


To deepen and integrate the experience  I use free dance,

sound healing and meditation

to enriches the seminars.


Dates you can find here!


Next to my own organization of seminars I am looking forward to invitations from groups (families, companies, teams ...) who would like to book me.

individual session


People who prefer to work with me on a one to one level are welcome to bring their subject with me in motion and awareness.

I am going in the different roles of your family system, serve as a mirror for your unconscious parts and give the family members a voice, who are important to the solution.


The more self responsible the transformation process is, the more intense and lasting the effect that a set-up leaves behind.

That's why I am leading clients

with constellations experience in the various roles, so that they can find

their insights independently.


If necessary, I use healing sounds or support the systemic constellations with energetic body healing work.


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Telephone Session


Experience with me by phone or Skype a deeply touching and enlightening journey of consciousness into your self and your systemic field.

As in individual settings, I place myself in the various roles of your systemic field and help you understand and recognize your problem. Often I start with a meditation to connect with your heart concerns.


The knowing field over which the miracle of constellation work is possible knows no spatial or temporal limits.

As a result, I feel you and your body parts, relatives, friends, pets, or other fields of consciousness over thousand miles of distance with which you want healing, love and clarity.


Concerns from all areas of life can be set up and resolved in this way.



For all three forms of constellation work, I offer you a follow-up. 

That is, we make an appointment for a phone call, about a week after the systemic setup. 

This serves to look at how the solution image could be implemented in everyday life so far. 

Here you get space for your success experiences, questions, resistances

or new findings that emerged after our meeting. 

I'll help you find out how you can more easily and directly 

translate your new behaviors and insights into your life.


what is systemic constellation work?


There are many terms for the systemic constellation work.

Any type of constellation work (whether family systems, corporate structures,

partnerships, or political systems) is about transforming behaviors or beliefs

that make life difficult for you and the people who are involved. 


We can look at everything that leads to internal or external stress:

disputes, resistance, professional problems, illnesses, traumas or problems with decisions.

Unconscious and hindering dynamics are brought to light

that are deeply buried in the individual, familial or collective soul!