the temple of your self-knowledge and love



Welcome to the center of creation!


Here you find the space and the support to connect

with your inner wisdom, your light, 

living consciously the essence you are.


My guidance is very simple.

Being with me means waking up to the creator you always be.

I like playing and create with you whatever we like.


The center of being is you!

Who are you? Do you know?

Are you conscious about your daily creation, you wonderful artist?



bunte Spirale, Kunstwerk von einem Foto aus dem Weltall, by trinitaskunst,

This I am is Being. It belongs to no one.

You are just an idea, an illusion.

There is no one out there. Silence is talking to silence.

Energy is expressing itself.

Really? Perhaps. The I don't know.


Are you curious to join this field

of love and boundless wonder,

the freedom of not knowing?


Find out what you like to experience you holy (wholly) being.

Enter the center!


The Center of Being

is also a network for holistic life

which is under construction.


If you like to live in nature and

are interested in a caring, conscious, spiritual

and creative coexistence feel free to read the vision.



For questions, suggestions and wishes

for healing sessions and consultation talks

contacting me. 


I hope you enjoy reading my homepage

and I am pleased to be able

to get to know you soon.


in love and respect

Tine Sonami Corazón