The healing-Pleasure





Hello dear Creator! what is your concern?

Do you wish healing for your inner emptiness, burnout, insecurity or meaninglessness in life?

You live in strife with yourself or someone

and can not forgive?

You are longing for a healthy body?


Burden you anger and rage, frustration, aggression, fatigue, inner unrest and worries?

Are you looking for a peaceful place where you can relax, open up and trust someone?



Are you asking yourself how you can create a happy, successful, relaxed and self-confident life

without being crushed in the mills of the consumer society and meritocracy?





You need assistance...

  • in making decisions?
  • how to feed you and your children healthy?
  • to avoid using the same behaviors as your parents?
  • how to activate your self healing power?
  • to listen and trust your inner voice and intuition?
  • being in love with yourself?

LOve  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love   Love   Love


Do you feel it is time right now 

for physical, emotional, mental and

spiritual harmony and balance?



I invite you to enjoy...



the transformative awareness and healing game

"This coaching is an intuitive loving support from a good friend

to help you finding yourself on a new level of consciousness." 



What do you want? What can I do for you?


In a consultation we find out what is your concern

and how I can help you to make a practical experience of being yourself:

the powerful and magic creator who can create whatever he/she wants.


I accompany you on your journey of awakening. 


With different games of awareness and healing work

I invite you to experience yourself in your body with all senses.


Diving in your inner source, your essence, the center of being,

strengthen your self-esteem and helps to build up your own authority and autonomy.


Overview of the offered methods

happy man in a wood is hugging a tree

Natur Therapy


psychotherapeutic method for self-reflection,

including the nature as a mirror and place of healing.


Natural therapy can take place in a room with materials

from nature or directly in nature.


more information: Nature Therapy 

shiatsu massage with 2 women

 Shin Tai


holistic body work to dissolve blockages

in the different structural levels of the body.

(Aura, chakras, skin and tissues, muscles,

organs, bones, body fluids)


As body, mind and soul are related,

various treatment methods help to transform

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.


more information: Shin Tai

colorful play stones

 Systemic Constellation Work


Method for insights on problem issues, symptoms,

decisions, relationship patterns etc.

using the morphogenetic field.


The visualization of the interrelations, messages or

solutions is done by representative figures or me.


more information: Systemic Constellation Work

sound waves in gold like a mandala

Sound Healing


A sound healing session is a unique journey

into the mystery of the energy you are.


My intuitive singing helps you to relax, it activates

your self healing power and opens your heart.


Discover your inner glory and abundance.


Find answers to your deepest questions.


more information: Sound Healing

Expressive Art


A possibility to connect deeper with yourself

is being creative. Using the process of painting, dancing or singing without the idea of being right, can give you the experience of love, freedom and unity with yourself.


We are boundless creators!

Use your power of free self expression and heal yourself 

of old boundaries, fears and destructive believe systems. 

It is a magical healing way for people who want to free themselves and to find answers from inside.


more information: Expressive Art

Food Healing


is individual dietary advice and cooking classes


I renounce all dietetics and practice with you,

how you can trust your inner body-voice.

You are your own healer. Accordingly, it is your experiential learning, to find the food which is good for you

and to discover healthy preparation methods.

Eat with love, aware and without shortage fears.


more information: Food Healing

Book a terrena session



Please contact Tine by phone or email for booking a session.


The duration of your coaching session depends on your personal needs.

Normally a session lasts between one to a maximum of three hours.


For a deeper development process, you can book a series of appointments.

Tine also offers several-day retreats and private house visits.

See below for more information. 


Here you will find all contact details:

My philosophy


There is no way. You're already there.


When I say we go into our middle, to the center of being, the center of the universe,

to the source of all knowledge, then we are actually always been there.

It is a remembrance, a realization process. We open the space where life can flow in.


Because we are not our bodies nor our thoughts or emotions,

but pure consciousness, love and light, we are free to create what we want.

The center of being, our heart, is our connection to the playground of infinite possibilities.


My therapeutic, educational work is a playful process of awakening for you.

You remember, while using the experience with your body, what lies beyond

your identifications and individual and collective programming.


Because there is no right way, even no way to healing, happiness, fulfillment, love or wherever you want,

any of the available methods is suitable to connect with your eternal and infinite truth.

As a free creator you choose the game, depending on where your heart feels

the strongest resonance, attraction and love. 


Awakening happens without concept and form.

Let yourself be surprised! :-)

some words about my support for you


All that I have learned for helping myself and others

to heal, to relax, to remember, to wake up in love... 

is my present. 

My simple presence, alert in the Here and Now, is my present for you.

It includes everything I am. 


You can pick up the frequencies and mirror images you need

to harmonize and rebalance your system!




It is not so much important which method I use to reach you and your longings,

but it is important in which state of mind and heart I am. 


In a meeting of several people the strongest energy field

determines the direction in which the creation emerges.


In my presence you step into a safe and open space

where you can remember and utilize your highest potential.


Everything is possible, you just need to feel and believe it.



I made this experience when I once met a man via Skype who was not eating since five years.

I was simply living with his girlfriend in the same house, when my body and mind started to ask me

why I was eating. There was no reason to eat any longer, so I stopped it and felt wonderful. 

The short connection with the energy-field of a breatharian

enabled me to release the need for food.


I enjoyed the best month in my live, driving on my own through New Zealand,

sleeping in my car somewhere in nature, meditating and visiting nice places.

I felt deeply nourished and safe between earth and sky. 


Later I visited old friends and stayed with them for a while. Now I was in the field of

consciousness, that food is essential for survival, so I started to believe it.

I suddenly lost weight and was afraid that I would die without food. 

So I began to eat again after 43 days. 



As 150 years ago the chemists said: "the microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything!"

  • We are fields of consciousness which communicate with each other.

So be aware in which kind of fields, in which milieus you step in daily life,

because it influence your inner milieu, your whole energy system long as you are not fully aware of who you are.


If you are conscious of your essence and know that you are coming from the source that is everything

and with whom you are one and in harmony, you remain free and in your balance.

Until you come so far, take care of yourself.


Wow, you've read the text so far! Thank you!

Now it's time to wake up from the illusion of separation

I am your inspiration.


By my way of being, by my actions you can easily remember yourself, the what you are looking for.


Is it silence, acceptance, freedom, the expression of your creativity, intuition and sensitivity? 


Is what you want to achieve clarity, courage, health, your Yes to life? 

I am a mirror, a magic box,

an empty space, no-thing.


When we play, talk or meditate,

it will exactly opens what wants to be seen, recognized and accepted.


Finally it's all about love and communication. 

Yes it takes courage and an unwavering intention to confront yourself.


You can lose nothing.

But you can create yourself new.


Imagine you are living for years

with a sick organ, a blockade,

a split-off part of you.


Now we create space for awareness.


What tells your liver, your skin,

your pancreas, your uterus,

your heart, your knee?



We dare the contact! 


We venture feeling, clairaudience and recognizing.


We ask of our whole madness and

our boundless beauty.


Because you longing for you.


Because you know that no doctor

or therapist can take responsibility for yourself.


It is your intention, your trust and your love which enables the cure.


It is your consciousness that awakes from the Illusion of separation.


Here a lot of energy is released!



We recommend a series of several meetings.


A session can already do a lot and clarify your topic, 

so that you can immediately experience your expansion of consciousness in everyday life.


Sometimes, in very old or stubborn subjects, it may be advisable,

if you have several sessions with Tine.

In this way she can accompany you during your self-responsible conversion process.





Other game variants:


1. Guest visit

Even more intense is when Tine stays as a guest in your house for a few days.

In this way she can help you to become aware of the destructive energy fields

and your strange behavior pattern in daily life.



2. Retreat

Likewise, a multi-day retreat with Tine is possible.

Here you live with her over an agreed period and experience

Tines accompaniment for you in a very individual, intensive way.

In your retreat, the focus will be on your most important need.

For example a main focus can be: healthy eating / fasting, inner silence, self healing,

relationships, vocation, creative self-expression or spiritual development.


We will be happy to advise you about the duration and costs.


* Word meaning:


Terrena is Latin and is derived from the word "terra" which means the earth, mother earth or Gaia.

The Terrena healing game is "the earthly healing game"

Mother Earth reminds us that everything is connected with everything. She gives us courage to realize

that we are free creators who can create with her, lovingly and playfully, a beautiful peaceful world.

She says, "You can create your own life. You and I are one with the creation that is eternal."


I chose the word "Terrena", because my work is very natural and Mother Earth is a sensual

conscious being that helps us in our healing, self-knowledge and self-realization.

We need our interplay for transformation and vibration increase, that this beautiful earth and we

can live on and that we do not commit unnecessary self-destruction.

We are here because we need this beautiful planet for our healing and development,

just like Mother earth invited us into live to help her growing and unfolding.


If we are well grounded, we feel lovingly connected with Mother Earth and its forms of existence.

Than we can easily absorb the powerful energies of the universe flowing through us

which we use for our healing, as well as for the healing of nature and its inhabitants.

Then we are like a transformer, an information transmitter between heaven and earth,

father and mother, our divine and our earthly source, which resonate in harmony with the whole.