Expressive healing Art

Healing Dance

A wild session in the nature to free your inner nature with dance.

The body moves as he wants.

It's an energetic meditation into your heart and soul. It activates the self healing power and centers you.

Free Painting

Free painting on canvas, stones, wood and other material with acrylics, pencils, plants and fruits

as a creative realization process.

intuitive voices

We sing and ring, sound and purr, whatever the voice wants to bring out, to tell the story of the heart.

It is intuitive, magic, powerful and deeply touching. Everyone can sing and heal with his voice.

Expressive Healing Dance


We dance into nature. We dance to free our own nature. There is no fixed music from yesterday.

The only music is the sound of now, from the nature around you and from yourself.

Feel the wind on your skin, smell your body and the grass on which you lie.

This experience is sensual, ecstatic, animal, real. There is no right or wrong.

It's just you, no matter who you are.


You follow your body, observe the impulses of your body, you feel the tension and tightness, 

breathing, allow the movements to free yourself. Maybe you see inner images that tell you,

explain why you're so tense, so anxious, needy or aggressive. Let all be. Evaluate, judge nothing.

It is wonderful to see the body's ability to regulate and harmonize itself.


What your holy body, your temple expresses are messages that you do not wanted to listen,

to see and understand on more subtle levels. Now they are manifested and want your attention.

Give the craziest moves your love. Give welcome to your deepest feelings and forbidden thoughts.

There is nothing to fight for, nothing to hide or  suppress anymore.

It is just an adventure to learn to know yourself, to remember yourself and perhaps to feel in love with yourself.


This dance is not only an individual healing process, it is also an invocation and invitation at the collective level.

Everything we do is communication. When we are willing to listen to our deepest longings,

we realize that this is exactly what everybody else wants,

what mother earth exemplifies and our ancestors wish for us.

Why we should resist and fight back our inner nature which is social, loving, peaceful, visionary, creative,

pleasurable, trusting and very powerful? Use your inner wisdom you connect with yourself,

to heal your experiences and give awareness to your errors.


This is the invitation to a shamanic journey home. There is no map.

Forget all knowledge that you have accumulated. Dance into the unknown. Dance to you.