Food healing


My body is my temple. In my body I make all these crazy experiences in life.

I am free to destroy my body with food and I am free to heal my body with food.

The body is a wonderful and patient playground to learn.



Eating is a fusion process. It's like having sex.

You merge with your food.

How do you do this?

Do you eat consciously, joyful and in love? 

When, how often and where

you merge with your food?

What foods do you take on in you? 

You take a stranger in your temple.  

Can you accept it really?

Can you indulge in union with him or her? 

Or do you react allergic, with digestive

problems and abdominal pain?

Are you free, whether you eat or not eat?

Are you greedy and depending on the food? 

Do you still believe in lack and separation?


What you want to achieve by eating?

You want pleasure and ecstasy?

You eat out of fear and the need for

security, maintenance and fulfillment?


You comfort yourself with your diet

to compensate negative experiences?


You refuse food to punish you or 

to adapt yourself to an ideal?



Together we look at the reason why you eat, what and how you eat, when and how much you eat.

I teach you how to communicate on an intuitive and loving level with your body, his organs and

your inner child. In you are all the answers to your questions. You are not helpless.

You are nature and nature always knows how to harmonize, transform and heal itself. 

Just stop running away from you and confront yourself with your inner power and truth.



Nature will evermore balancing itself.

It will not condemn or judge.


If I had too much stress and feel tired and ill,

the body calls for rest and relaxation to heal itself.

If I have eaten too much, the body makes an effort to digest the meal and compensate my nonsense.


Learn how you can support your inner nature

or just not hinder your nature in its flow.

Learn to enjoy the dance between

balance and unbalance/ chaos.

Start to trust yourself.

Plate with soy yogurt, blueberries, chickpeas candy, flowers and grass snake.
Blueberries & "Laddu" (chickpeas date candy) in soy yogurt by T.S. Corazón

There are so many many believe systems about the right diet. And in no other area

in life I feel it is so easy to start argue and fighting as in the field of nutritions. 


Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Food Combining,

nutrition after the 5 elements, whole food, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, liquid food, breatharian...


Perhaps there is no right or wrong and

we are the creators who decide what

is true for us. The observer determines which possibility falls into reality.









Use your nourishment as a way of unfolding awareness and enlightenment.


Say YES to all creations you have made

and find inner peace no matter what's going on.



what's waiting for you

  • lessons about the different diets 
  • preparation exercises for your special healing diet
  • guided relaxation meditation
  • training for intuitive communication with your body
  • awareness of your old patterns of behavior regarding nutrition
  • new perspectives as you can deal with your feeding
  • inviting fun and ease in the game of smoothing with your food
  • enjoy the freedom of letting flow your values and morals into love


I believe that everything what happens to us is happening because we want this or that. 


Your illness is your present from your body temple. 


Welcome to the game of unfolding awareness, unfolding yourself!


homemade raw chocolate with Goji berries and coconut
homemade raw chocolate with Goji berries and coconut
Fruit salad with fresh herbs and dates
fruit salad with fresh herbs and dates

Every dogma that wants to exclude something from your life,

keeping you trapped in the belief system of separation. 


Realize yourself as a perfect creator.