The Vision

I have a dream. This homepage is my way to 

tell you about my dream and to find likeminded creators who want to make the dream come true.


The vision of the "Center of Being" is a calm place in nature where we live as friends together. 


We love the nature around us and take care of her, just as we love our own true nature as spiritual beings. We live in houses of living materials and

we communicate with animals, plants, clouds,

the sun and stars and all living beings.


Because we know that we are love and consciousness we can create whatever we like. 

We know that we are here on earth to have fun

and to play. Not longer to destroy and exploit mother earth and the humans, but to celebrate

our eternal and infinite being.


We don't need money any longer.

We trust and love each other. We share our wealth and abundance. Wanting that everybody is living

her or his highest potential, we support each other and help us to remember our forces and possibilities.



There is no enemy inside or outside from us.

We accept and honor us with every little thing.

Because we know, that we are one

and nothing is separated from each other, we would hurt us,

if we would fight against something or somebody. 

The days are gone when we had the feeling,

that it is more safe if we hide from each other.

If you know that everybody and everything is you and is coming

from the same source as you, why you should be afraid of yourself?


We like to celebrate us. So we find very often reasons for meetings and parties, where we dance and sing and play and dream and share our love. It is a very creative living. Nobody needs to have power over someone, because nobody feels powerless or helpless. We are very strong creators and everybody is so important as anybody else.

So we are very happy living together. 





The Community house / the school

In my vision there is a round building: THE CENTER OF BEING.

It is like a community house, surrounded by flowering gardens.

It works as a school and further education center for all people

who live in this community. Every age can learn and teach there.

There is no school, where children have to go. They are free

to choose where and when and with whom they like to learn.

Everybody from the community can offer courses, sessions,

workshops and other events in the COB.

It has three levels and in the middle a open theater hall

like an Amphitheater with a glassy dome. 


More Information here:

How do we get there?


My first step is the "Women Health School"

where I celebrate with other women

our magical and wonderful being,

our sisterhood and our hidden forces.

I help to remember our self healing power,

our self-esteem and self-confidence.

I share my creativity and sensitivity.

I am a teacher for those who want to learn from me and I am a student each moment when somebody is teaching me.

I want to live free, healthy and happy.

So I invite all women who are willing to lift up

their lives and deeply accept to be a unique and powerful creator.

The first semester is starting now in April 2016.


More information : Women's Health School